Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting Organised with a Christmas Planner

First up, sorry for the delay in posts. With a trip to Fiji, my (very) big birthday bash, my cousin's wedding and the usual busy-ness (if that's a word) that is being a mumma to two toddlers, things have been a little ker-azy around here.

But, I digress.

I really want to talk to you about Christmas and more importantly, planning for Christmas since it is now officially just over 4ish weeks away.

Confession time: I've never planned Christmas before. Never even thought to actually plan Christmas before. While the basic info gets worked out months in advance, all the other crap stuff usually gets nutted out on a more last-minute kind of basis (much to our friends and family's disgust).

I really don't like enduring Christmas this way, but it's hard to stay motivated and organised when ALL of the Christmas planning responsibilites land in my lap. Needless to say, most of our Christmases end up with a very stressed me.

But not this year. Things are gonna change. And I'm determined to bring back some of the magic and excitement that is Christmas with a little bit of planning.

To get your own Christmas planner started, here's a few simple steps:

1. Grab a folder - You can use a folder, a photo album, a notebook or even a large envelope to keep all your lists in one, neat spot. Jazz up the outside... or not (I personally don't have the time nor patience for any scrapbooking/arty crafty projects). But do mark your folder with the words 'Christmas Planner'!

2. Create some dividers - Using dividers for your planner will help keep your notes a little more organised. Some dividers (and mine will) include: Gifts, Budget, Receipts, Calender, To Do, Cards, Parties & Entertaining, Decor, Traditions & Celebrations, Craft, and Meals, Menus & Recipes.

2. Print Your Lists - There are some great sites out there for free Christmas planner printables. Check out Life... your way for their comprehensive free e-book and printable lists. Organized Christmas is another great site that has probably one of the most extensive collection of Christmas planning lists you will ever need. You could seriously waste some time on here if you're an organising wanna be like me. Although I'm a little behind, I've joined up for their 6 week Christmas organising challenge, which includes daily messages and reminders (or join their Facebook page for updates). 

3. Compile your planner - Now, put it all together! File your lists under their appropiate divider and get to work. It's worth noting, you may want to keep this planner for several years. Make sure you leave room for changes or updates as needed for any future Christmas planning.

I am still kicking myself for not creating a Christmas Planner years ago. They certainly make a lot of sense if you want to create a happier, more memorable and more enjoyable Christmas with your loved ones.

And, if you're feeling particularly crafty and/or generous, why not create a gorgeous Christmas Planner for a friend or family member's gift? Granted it'll be no good for this year, but it will definately come in handy when Christmas 2011 comes rocking around in approximately one year and 4ish weeks away.