Thursday, September 30, 2010

Entertaining the Kids

It goes without saying, I love my kids. I love being with my kids. I love hanging out with my kids. But, dare I say it? It can get boring.

Some days I take the easy way out and I'm guilty of letting my kids watch too much TV. Yes, these times are handy for getting a bit of cleaning done, dinner prepared, writing finished or just taking a breather, but I would much rather be spending quality, one on one time with the kids doing something that we ALL enjoy.

This is where a weekly plan will come in handy. I suspect most of my boredom is the result of not having a plan. It can be hard to be exciting and creative when put on the spot. I certainly would want (or need) a lesson plan if I was a teacher, shouldn't I have something similar with my own children?

It doesn't need to be anything too complex, too educational or too strict. My weekly plan will have a simple mission: To help me be a better, more attentive & hands on mummy. I'll start by focusing on which 'lessons' I want my children to learn. I want to foster a love for reading, I want to encourage them to continually learn, I want them to learn nutrition, I want them to be polite, but most of all I want them to be happy and have fun. 

So, this will be one (among many) of my missions to complete in the coming days: To create a Weekly 'Lesson' plan for my children with the goals I mentioned above included. This schedule will be pretty comprehensive once household chores, appointments and even meal times will all be taken into consideration, but as the Manager of Household Operations, I want my 'workplace' to run more efficiently.
I want these short years before my children start school to be as stress free as possible and I want to look back on these as some of the best years of my life.

For some extra tips on managing your household, check out this site:

And I'll hopefully be sharing my plan with you soon!


  1. yeah I sort of do something like this (ha must be the teacher in me... Governed by a lesson plan)... Anyway I write up a timetable and slot in the things I need done - cleaning, 'me time', exercise, kid time, lunches, kids sleeping etc. I also write in the things I focus on - speech, craft, alphabet.. AND yes I even put in TV. Keeps them happy and gives me the visual view that I am not as bad as I seem for letting them sit there all day... AND i get a breather... BUT you do have to realise that everyday might not go as planned and you do have to be flexible but it is there so I can feel more organised... Every day and week is different but and some more boring/relaxed than others

  2. Lyndall - your timetable sounds perfect. That's what I want to create. As you mention, each day can change and you need to be flexible, but I am hoping with some sort of plan in place I'll feel like I'm making a more constructive use of my time instead of flitting around to one thing to another without getting anything completeed!